• Christmas Hampers Project

    This year our club bought presents and Christmas dinners for 55 families with one to four children.

  • Christmas Lights Tour for our Seniors

    Pat and John Imrie organized like every year the Christmas lights tour for seniors. Many seniors were picked up in 8 busses from their homes and toured around the city to see the Christmas lights. Without this tour most seniors would not be able to see the beautiful decorated houses and the lights around the Kempenfelt bay. This tour was sponsored by the Rotary club of Barrie-Huronia. 

    We had almost 200 seniors from 10 homes on the tour this year and it was our 3 rd for rotary to be a part of. There were 8 buses-4 city,3 school and one of the homes own that took part. Each bus had a senior wish volunteer and a Rotarian,where possible. Down at heritage, each bus was given a time to roll through where Santa and the carollers would board the bus singing and handing out candy canes, cookies, and bottled water.

    The buses started at 6:15 and all bus drivers were given some points of interest to make sure they saw and then after heritage visit they returned all seniors back by 8:30.​- See more at: 

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